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Redevelopment in Mumbai-Thane-New Mumbai
Read the Draft carefully....
Redevelopment in Mumbai-Thane-New Mumbai

Last few years there has been boom of Redevelopment in Mumbai, Thane and around cities. If we take a review as to how many Redevelopment Projects in Mumbai and suburban are successfully completed then NO satisfactory answer.

There are various parameters….
Legal and documentation problems in conveyance and other aspects of the project, exhaustive rule regulations of concerned authorities, the declaration of new hectic rules and GR from Government like Controversial new DP in Mumbai, Intricate Cluster Rules, CRZ- Environmental-Pollution Control-Fire Brigade Permissions, Very important legal issue [Dumping case] along with Non availability of construction material, non availability of good work force, escalation in the material cost due to shortage as well as due to periodical government rules-regulation etc. Apart from this there are non-feasible demands, troubles and harassment from few corrupt members, interference from local politicians, harassment from Corporation and local bodies….. List of these problems may go too long….

Our team is working as a Project Management Consultants in Redevelopment Projects in Mumbai-Thane.

Our Conclusions is as below….
After various exhaustive activities Developer is completing his project in 4-5 years with less than 100% profit.
For example let us assume that Project is completed by Developer within 50 months and with 100% Profit.
This means after all exhaustive activities Developer will earn 100/50 = 2% Monthly Profit only.
Now, let us see another case….
If there is any Project which will be completed within 2 or maximum 2.5 months with minimum 100% Profit....
Then in this case, Monthly Profit will be 100/2.5 = 40%.

Compare 40% with 2% Monthly profit....

Isn't it beneficial???
If interested to know more about it….
Do call our Executives for PPT presentation as per your convenience.
Importance of Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology

ERST can be used in a new as well as any kind of old construction too. It is invented in such a manner that it is beneficial to single-storied, multi-storied Residential-Commercial-Public-Semi Public buildings/structures, small or big Houses, bridges etc. in short all kind of buildings and structures.

Important Feature of ERST
It can be used in the buildings/houses/structures constructed with the help of locally available material.

All over the world normally the buildings/structures are constructed using conventional technology and using locally available material. Now a days in many earthquake prone zones/areas/countries, to reduce the damages caused due to earthquakes, many people are using Pre-Fabricated houses or Wooden Framed Houses.

We would like to bring to the notice that, during Storm or Earthquakes these houses also gets collapsed.
Actual photographs of the Houses collapsed due to the Earthquakes/Storms are shown below.
Damaged Prefabricated & Wooden Houses
Joint Ventures
[A] Joint Ventures [Builders/Developers]
Please read the case study
and content below....
Case Study

Our panel Architect designed 1000 Sq. Ft. Pre-Fabricated Structure for one client in Indonesia. Taken all permissions from concerned authorities within few days. Then approached to the Pre-Fabricated House Manufacturer cum Executor [PFHME] with approved plan and design on 3rd October 2017 morning along with the client.

(1) 3-10-2017: Day One.
Manufacturer/Executor discussed the design/plan/amenities etc. with Architect and Client.
[For simlpicity and to understnad the Developers in India, the currancy transaction shown in Indian Rupees.]
Given quotation of Fifteen Lacs Rupees [15,000,00/-] for 1000 sq. ft. house based on the design/plan and amenities.

(2) 4-10-2-17: Day Two.
As per Clients requirements/demands changes in amenities. Fresh quotation of 16,00,000/- Rs. given by PFHME.
Immediately approved by Architect/Client and 60% Advance payment given with agreement/formalities to PFHME.

(3) 5-10-2017: Day Three.
As per the Design/Plan and Clients requirements/demands/amenities all the material kept ready by PFHME.

(4) 6-10-2017: Day Four.
At morning, the material brought on site along with expert technicians. Erection of the basic structure and then framing, paneling, roof work etc. completed. At evening the work stopped.

(5) 7-10-2017: Day Five
At morning work started again. All remaining work and electrification, plumbing, kitchen, toilet-bathroom, bedroom, passage, staircase, partition walls, decoration etc. all assembled and completed till evening.

(6) 8-10-2017: Day Six.
Testing and checking of all work done with proper safety measures. Rectification/completion of total work.
Approval of Architect and Engineer with checking and certificate etc.

(7) 9-10-2017: Day Seven.
Final 38% [2% retention for 12 months] payment collected by PFHME and possession given to client.
As per our calculation the profit of PFHME was minimum 850/-Rs. per. sq. ft.

Means 100% + PROFIT with only investment in manufacturing of the material.
It is seven days process of minimum 100% Profit. How is that???

Light Weight Pre-Fabricated House concept is promoted now a days worldwide to avoid the damages of property and dreadful loss of human lives due to Earthquakes and Storms. Pre-Fabricated House pattern's main advantage is, it's light weight compare to the heavy RCC and masonry wall structures. Hence loss or damages of human lives are comparatively very less. There is a big demand of Pre-Fabricated Houses at Earthquake Prone cities/zones/countries.

Yet, it is also experienced that, these houses which are constructed with Conventional Construction Technology also gets damaged during Earthquakes and Storms. The original photographs of such damages are shown above.

We assure that, USE of OUR ERST [Value Addition] during construction of the Pre-Fabricated and Wooden Houses will increase the strength of the structure at great extent. Ultimately it will reduce all kind of damages and loss.

Compare to all other technologies that are currently used in different parts of the world to reduce the damages due to the Earthquakes, ERST is easier to use and implementation. It is technically flawless and much advantageous. The destruction of structures that is caused by Earthquakes will now reduce to a great extent by using ERST.

It will take mazimum 5-6 days to construct these Houses on site as per design approved by the client. Means Manufacturer/Builder will Earn 100% Profit within a week-time through the Project.

We desire to promote the ERST at entire Earthquake Prone Northern India [Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur etc.]

We also desire to promote ERST in highly Earthquake Prone Zones and Countries in the World....
To start with.... Nepal, Afghanistan, Turkestan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, El-Salvador etc. in 2017-18.

Being an INVENTOR, Our main MISSION is to promote ERST worldwide i.e. about 193 countries in the world.
We provide the Architectural and Structural Planning and Designing as per our ERST. We do not interested in actual manufacturing and on site fabrication work etc. Hence the Developers/Builders who are interested in manufacturing and fabrication work i.e. Pre-Fabricated/Wooden Houses in India and worldwide may contact us.
The interested Builders-Developers for joint ventures are Welcome!

[B] Associates
The professionals, Architects, Structural Engineers, Real Estate Agents, Investors can join our MISSION.

[C] Association without Investment
Professional desire to join our MISSION of promotion of ERST [Profit share without investment] are welcome!
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