Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology


Commercial Exploitation
MISSION: To Reduce the Damages of Properties and Loss of Human Lives caused due to the Earthquakes, worldwide.
It is a “NOBLE CAUSE”.

No one can stop the earthquakes nor can anyone give its exact and very accurate estimation as to the date, day time and place of occurrence. So when the earthquakes happen, instead of just blaming it on the misfortune and God, we can try to reduce the amount of destruction by constructing the buildings with Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology.

Compare to all other technologies that are currently used in different parts of the world to reduce the damages due to the earthquakes, ERST is easier to use and implementation. It is technically flawless and much advantageous. This Great NOBLE Invention will soon be applauded globally.

There are approximate 140 to 150 Earthquakes happening every year on the globe with 6 Richter Scale or more magnitude, most probably due to it buildings gets collapsed and hence hazardous loss of human lives takes place.

Not only in these damaged Earthquake zones but also in all other Earthquake prone huge zones in the globe, need of Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology is essential during new construction.

One can easily understand, the POTENTIAL of Global Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology.

Whole world is Earthquake Prone. Mainly to save the human lives, we desire to promote ERST all over the world.

We require Associates [Developers, Builders, Investors, Financers, Professionals like Architects, Civil Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Liasoning Consultants, Estate Agents and anybody who is confident to promote the ERST.

ERST is related to Real Estate all over the world. Any one can imagine the huge potential in it.

ASSOCIATE all over the world are Welcome!
Contact with your details [Address, Contact Number, Email Id] on CONTACT US page.​
Legitimate Income Scheme
There were various promotional schemes.
One of them is 400 to 600% NER Franchise and Sub-License Scheme [For limited period].
In the scheme, Interested party/person/company/organization/institute can get FRANCHISE [License with Non Exclusive Rights] from us for our filed Patent at very reasonable royalty fees. With their promotional skills, contacts and with the proper help from our experts, Franchise can sub-license these rights to another interested party. In this deal Franchise can earn up to 400% to 600%.

Features: Franchise of Technology and NER/License

[1] MISSION: "NOBLE cause."

[2] Potential: Huge and Global.

[3] Income/Profit: 100% legitimate.

[4] Return: 400% to 600%, subject to Terms/Conditions.*

[5] Location: Patent published by WIPO. Hence Royalty gained globally.

[6] Minimum Time Period for Franchise and Sub-License Process: May be 30 t0 40 days with proper and successful efforts.

[7] Franchise/Sub-License given against Legal Documents. No need of physical product, warehouse etc. against huge investment.

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