Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology
"Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology"

We have seen the devastating earthquakes at Killari-Latur-Usmanabad, Kutch-Gujarat and Kathmandu-Nepal. The scary sights of the debris and the collapsed buildings, the dead and disfigured bodies of the people that lay scattered and the sight of the people who got crushed and died due to the earthquakes gives shudders.

We are working in Construction field for last 38 years; and studying intently the occurrences of earthquakes all over the world. It has been observed that the grave destruction does not happen only due to the earthquakes but mainly due to the buildings that collapse and stimulates further destruction. As an expert and experienced person in the field of construction, the we aimed to find a solution to the problem of building collapse. Inventor began with research and study. A student of final year of architecture helped him in this endeavor. By God’s grace the research succeeded and came up with the technique called....
Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology [ERST]. The invention is then filed by us for the Patent application before the Controller of Patents of India and with WIPO [World Intellectual Property Organization]

We are awaring and guiding people by writing various articles and books and organizing various Seminars, Animation Film and Power Point Presentations etc. We wish to create more awareness amongst people and look forward to the social-service trusts, social workers and other organizations which can invite us or give us a platform for this purpose. We aim to save the mankind from the probable destruction and for this purpose we will propagate and spread ‘ERST’ research of which we are the pioneers. A lot of importance is given to research on techniques to increase the structural strength of the buildings so that they won’t easily collapse due to the impact of earthquake. If the earthquake is a massive one and lot of negative energy is created then only the structure would be somewhat damaged.

The Major advantage of ERST research is that even though the building sways during the earthquake, the walls will not give way and will stay strong and rooted in its place and in this way the structure will not only be saved but its strength will also increase. Even though the building is partially damaged by the big earthquake, the ERST research methodology will help reduce the loss of life and property. When a building collapses a big pit kind of thing, debris gets created under which people get crushed and die. This mechanism will help to avert such a kind of situation. Many hollow spaces/pockets/Cavities will be formed/created.

The invention is done mainly to reduce the loss of lives and properties due to Earthquakes.

ERST can be used for the new constructions as well as for old buildings. It is invented in such a way that it is beneficial to both.  ERST can also be used for the Pre-Fabricated Houses, any frame or metal frame houses and Wooden Houses.

The Images in Gallery Page showing damages of Pre-Fabricated Houses and Wooden Houses due to the Earthquakes, Storms and Floods etc. ​We assure, use of our ERST [Earthquake Resistant Structure Technology] in any kind of Prefabricated Houses will definitely increase the strength of their structures at great extent.

It is true that the construction cost increases at some extent. But the consumer should think wisely about the effects and the possible harm (to life and property of their families) that might happen because of earthquake and take conscious decision and invest properly for their own benefit in earthquake resistant constructions.

Everyone including the Developers, Construction Professionals as well as the Consumers will be benefitted by the use of ERST. We can demonstrate or explain this through a face-to-face session. It has been observed that the consumers are willing to bear the extra cost in order to prevent injury to his/her family and also to avoid damage to the property. We have also been able to convince the Developers about the advantages of this technique which not only guarantees safety but is also financially beneficial for them and helps them to establish their “BRAND”.

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